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Moving Day!

All righty, guys - I'm officially moving all further works of randomness (read: writing and icons) to antipositional! I will not be updating this journal with any new work (except maybe the end of my PJO fic, if I ever get around to it, sob. Just for posterity).

If you would like to continue following my fic and other things, I would love for you to do so! Please keep an eye on me over at the new comm. I will also be moving most of the content of this journal there... eventually.

Thanks all! <3


The Pacific: Against the World (Leckie)

Okay, this took me far, far too long to write. I started it a while ago, but it just sat as a few paragraphs for quite a while. Then I slowly picked it back up, wrote a large chunk of it, and decided tonight that I was just going to finish the darn thing.

FOR THE RECORD: I KNOW THIS HAS NO PLOT. It's just a character piece, kind of meandering here and there, because I wanted to get back into the swing of writing. I haven't really written anything in a while, and I miss it. Also, I wanted to try and get a better feel for Leckie's voice, because it tends to get diluted in an RP where he's not constantly talking about war. So, uh. THERE. Or something. I also have somewhat vague plans to do this sort of thing for a few of the other boys, but no guarantees. We know how I love to make empty promises, these days. >>;

Takes place on Guadalcanal during episode 1-2, though there is one very vague spoiler for episode 10 if you squint. Rated... PG, PG-13, thereabouts. I don't think there are even any f-bombs.

The whole world is a big place, and right now his world is small – it’s exactly 89 miles long and 35 miles across.Collapse )

Icons: The Pacific

39 x The Pacific

90% Leckie and 10% Chuckler~ (Yeah, serious fail, I get it, though in my defense I had to make a bunch of icons for Leckie's RP journal.)

Icons ahoy!Collapse )
Okay, so. I realize I pretty much owe the world an apology for taking so absolutely long to update. Life got busy and then it got eaten by Amat and then it got more busy and I lost momentum for a little while. Plus, I've been having issues deciding whether to put certain things in this chapter and in what order to have them happen, but I've decided it's been long enough and that I should just stop sitting on this and post it. Hopefully everything will flow smoothly for the readers, because I think by this point I've just read it too many times to know, anymore. XD

SO. WITHOUT FURTHER ADO. THE NEXT CHAPTER! It's even on the long side, just to try to make up for my failure at life. Argh and I really hope you guys don't have to wait nearly as long for the rest of the fic. I'm still working on it, but I will try to be faster. I SWEAR.

I let my world close in around a smaller patch of fading sky.Collapse )
dffuigauoiga okay. This took waaaaay longer to write than I had anticipated, but in my defense I have not really had time to write for quite some time. And then I kept going back and tweaking things, because even though I knew how this chapter was going to end, getting there in a non-lame, non-rushed way seemed to be nearly impossible. I'm still not convinced it's not horrible and lame and dumb. D: But I swear I did my best! I hope it's satisfactory to all my readers.

Eee, I'm actually really excited to get to the next chapter. I hope I have some time to work on that this week. :O Otheriwse, well, that's what Christmas vacation is for, right? >>;

Give me reason to fill this hole, connect the space between, and let it be enough to reach the truth that lies across this new divide.Collapse )
Okay! A bit on the shorter side, but it's been pretty much a week and I really wanted to get this bit out. (I blame Disneyworld and my sister - totally worth it <3 - but also certain parties involved with this chapter who did not want to cooperate. >>;) I've actually had the bulk of this chapter written for ages, but what that actually meant was that by the time I got to it, circumstances had totally changed and most of it was rendered useless. ::fail:: So it required quite a lot of rewriting. :D;

I hope to have the next chapter out in less time than it took me to do this one, but that will probably depend on how busy this week is. I do, after all, have to graduate. >>; But I totally know most of what's going to happen next, so it shouldn't be too hard to get it done!

A shadow from another time is waiting in the night.Collapse )
Okay! fduafdyuafalufi Here it is! THE REVEAL! Or, well, most of it. :D;; I did my best to make this more of Percy realizing things than being told, but I suppose there is that point in every story where the bad guy gets to gloat over the good guy with his Evil Plan, right? I hope this turned out okay, it was actually really hard to write the second half of it. o.o; There was a lot of cutting and moving things around until I got them in an order that hopefully flowed properly.

Also, I apologize for any spelling errors. Word freaked out on me and claimed it just couldn't handle life and wasn't going to highlight any more spelling or grammar errors. ::dies:: This one isn't even as long as the last one (yet)! D: Stupid Word.

Come lay beside me, this won't hurt I swear.Collapse )

Seriously, though~ I'm so relieved I have finally gotten to the beginning of the major part of the story. (I know, I know, please don't hate me; this is going to be so long. ;_;)

I actually had the last part of this chapter written for quite some time... only to get the brilliant idea as I was falling asleep last night to change it up quite a bit so that I ended up rewriting most of it just now. Ah, well. The best laid plans, right?

Also, I love the song I was finally able to use for this chapter. I actually have a PJO FST in the works that features it. It's just so perfect~

I believe in whatever you do and I'll do anything to see it through.Collapse )
Woo, done before I have to run off for Venture Bros!

I swear I tried to get to the Big Crazy Stuff in this chapter, but then it was going to be uber-long so I promise it is coming next chapter. FOR REAL. Even if I end up having to make the next chapter even longer, I will get you some craziness in there. For now, we're at least really getting somewhere. I swear. It's the beginning of... well, the middle, I guess. XD; ::fail::

Also? Forget diamonds being a girl's best friend - it's totally Google Maps. XD Many thanks to you, Google~ For I have never been to Cleveland in the fall.

I'm outside in this cold still looking for you.Collapse )
I ended up cutting this a bit shorter than I'd planned, but I realized it was already chapter-length and if I kept going it would probably take a thousand or two more words and at least another day or two to put out and I might still not be where I wanted to be. So I figured it was best to update with this and then move on with the next bit as a whole, which for real should have actual craziness in it. I know I keep promising, but things keep rewriting themselves and putting off the big reveal (which really will come in maybe two or three chapters, at this rate). I've already rewritten this part at least twice - like majorly rewritten, but I finally have things to a stable point. Or, at least, I sure hope so!

Also, it was really hard to come up with a song for this, so please don't hate me. :D;;

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